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Hillary Clinton Makes 1st Public Appearance After Conceding Election

It was her first public appearance since conceding the presidential election



    (Published Saturday, Nov. 12, 2016)

    Hillary Clinton made her first public appearance in New York City Friday night since conceding the presidential election. 

    Clinton headed to a staff party at her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, where she was expected to speak, sources tell NBC News. NBC 4 New York cameras captured a brief glimpse of Clinton striding from a car toward the building in an orange blazer.

    Jenna Lowenstein, the digital director for Clinton's campaign, tweeted that the former candidate brought 1,000 red roses that someone had sent her to distribute at the staff party.

    Clinton has not been seen publicly since announcing her concession Wednesday, although a Westchester woman Thursday said she ran into the Clintons while on a hike in Chappaqua.

    The woman, Margot Gerster, posted a photo of her and Hillary Clinton, both appearing relaxed and smiling, on Facebook. 

    "I got to hug her and talk to her and tell her that one of my most proudest moments as a mother was taking Phoebe with me to vote for her," Gerster wrote on Facebook. 

    She said Clinton hugged her back and "exchanged some sweet pleasantries and then I let them continue their walk. Now, I'm not one for signs but I think ill [sic] definitely take this one. So proud."

    The Clinton campaign headquarters is located on Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights, inside a building that also houses offices for Morgan Stanley and the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.  

    Elsewhere in New York City, security remained tight around Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan, where president-elect Donald Trump lives and his own campaign was headquartered. Protesters continued to demonstrate outside there for a third straight day, peaceful for the most part.