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Deadly DUI Suspect's Fiance: "2 Drunk 2 Care" Tweet Meant For Me

Mendoza is accused of killing two other young women last year in a wrong-way crash.

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    The fiance of 21-year-old Kayla Mendoza said her now-infamous "2 Drunk 2 Care" tweet was directed at him. NBC 6's Keith Jones reports.

    The fiancé of 21-year-old Kayla Mendoza, accused of killing two women in a wrong-way crash while drunk, said the now-infamous "2 Drunk 2 Care" tweet she sent minutes earlier was directed at him.

    A tearful Javier Reyes can be heard on interrogation tape telling Florida Highway Patrol investigators the couple had gotten into an argument about her driving his car and not coming directly home after work.

    "It was all my fault. It was all my fault," Reyes says in the tape. "I should have just been like, 'It’s okay, baby. It’s okay. Just go eat, have fun. Just come home to your baby.'"

    Documents Show Moments Before Fatal Wrong-Way Wreck

    [MI] Documents Show Moments Before Fatal Wrong-Way Wreck
    New court documents show 20-year-old Kayla Mendoza was drinking with her boss moments before the crash that killed 21-year-olds Marisa Catronio and Nicole Ferrante. NBC 6's Ari Odzer has the story.

    Instead, Mendoza allegedly drove the wrong way on the Sawgrass Expressway, slamming head first into another car.

    FHP's investigative report says that Mendoza, 20 at the time, was driving a white Hyundai the wrong way on the highway last November when she slammed into a red car being driven by Kaitlyn Ferrante and her best friend Marisa Catronio. Both Ferrante and Catronio, who were 21 at the time, died.

    Authorities said Mendoza had gone out to a bar after work with her colleagues from a T-Mobile store before the crash.

    Reyes told investigators during the interrogation that Mendoza rarely drank alcohol.

    FHP: So you've never seen her drink any alcoholic beverages?
    Reyes: I mean, once or twice, like on her birthday, but it was home. It was safe. No vehicle or anything.
    FHP: What type?
    Reyes: Just beer?

    Mendoza, who called herself the "pot princess" on Twitter, tweeted "2 Drunk 2 care" just minutes before the crash, according to FHP. Authorities said she was driving with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

    Mendoza faces charges of DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide for the accident. She pleaded not guilty during her formal arraignment in May.