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Phone Blows Up in NYC Boy's Hand: Grandpa



    (Published Monday, Sept. 12, 2016)

    A 6-year-old Brooklyn boy suffered burns to his hands when a Samsung Galaxy phone blew up in his hand while he was playing video games at his home Saturday night, family members said. 

    John Lewis, grandfather of the boy, Kadim, told NBC 4 New York the boy was playing games in his grandmother's bedroom in East Flatbush when the Samsung Galaxy Core exploded in his hand. Lewis says the phone fell to the floor, scorching it, and the blast filled the room with smoke. The fire alarm went off, he said. 

    The fire department responded and the boy was taken to the hospital. He returned home from the hospital with a bandage over his hand, and his mother says he's doing OK. 

    The grandfather says the boy is afraid to see or go near any phones after the explosion. 

    Lewis says the family all have Samsung phones and initially said the exploding phone was a Galaxy Note 7, the device that was recalled last week after reports that some of the lithium-ion batteries exploded or caught fire. 

    But the boy's mother said outside their home Monday the device is a Galaxy Core, not the recalled Note 7.

    Samsung said in a statement, "We take every report very seriously and have contacted the Lewis family to learn more about their situation. As we are currently looking into this case, we are unable to comment further right now." 

    The boy's mother confrimed that Samsung did call her but she has not spoken with the company because she was not home at the time. 

    There are no current recalls related to the Galaxy Core, but it does use a lithium-ion battery. 

    Samsung's Note 7s were pulled from shelves in 10 countries earlier this month, including South Korea and the U.S., just two weeks after the product's launch, after reports some of the lithium-iron batteries exploded or caught fire. Samsung said it had confirmed 35 such instances but, as of Sept. 9, said there had been no reports of injuries related to the problem. 

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    The Federal Aviation Administration also urged travelers last week not to turn on or charge Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones while planes over exploding batteries incidents.