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<![CDATA[Oil Leak Closes Lebanon School]]> Fri, 09 Dec 2016 11:31:14 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Oil_Leak_Closes_Lebanon_School_1200x675_829114947907.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Thousands of Toys Donated for Toy Drive]]> Fri, 09 Dec 2016 11:29:09 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Chazandajtoydrive00000000.jpg Chaz and A.J hold annual toy drive in New Haven]]> <![CDATA[School Shoutout: Stafford School in Bristol]]> Fri, 09 Dec 2016 11:05:29 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/School_Shoutout_Stafford_School_Bristol_1200x675_829009475723.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Cola Braised Beef Brisket]]> Fri, 09 Dec 2016 12:08:34 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/cola+beef+brisket_1200.jpg

This recipe makes six servings. 



  • 2 ½ pound beef brisket
  • 1 package Lipton beef onion soup mix
  • 1 cup small diced onion
  • 10 oz. container of fresh button mushroom, quartered
  • 2 cups cola 




  • Place the brisket in a slow cooker and coat with 1 package soup mix. 
  • Top with diced onion and button mushrooms. 
  • Carefully pour in two cups of cola and cover with parchment paper. 
  • Place lid on slow cooker and set to low. 
  • Cook for eight to 10 hours and remove brisket to cutting board. 
  • Pour braising liquid in a sauce pot and reduce by half.
  • Slice the brisket and it top with mushrooms and onions from the reduced braising liquid.
  • Pour the remaining liquid in a gravy pitcher and serve on the side.

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<![CDATA[Lyman Memorial in Lebanon Closed Due to Oil Leak]]> Fri, 09 Dec 2016 08:52:33 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Lyman_Memorial_in_Lebanon_Closed_Due_to_Oil_Leak_1200x675_828988483842.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[St Francis Warns Heart Surgery Patients Of Infection Risk]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 23:34:51 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/WEBPIC12816.jpg St. Francis is among several hospitals warning thousands of patients about contaminated devices used during surgery that could put them at risk for infection. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said a device used during open-heart surgery may have been contaminated during manufacturing and infections could be life-threatening.]]> <![CDATA[Bill in Congress Helps Electric Boat and a Donald Trump's Cabinet]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:52:49 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/EBandMattisBill120816.jpg Continuing resolution provides funds to build submarines and allows a recent general to go through confirmation process as Secretary of Defense for Trump.]]> <![CDATA[First Party Bike In New England To Hit The Streets Of New Haven]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:52:15 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/ELMCITYPARTYBIKE120816.jpg Starting April 1st, Elm City Party Bikes will offer a new way to explore the cultural and culinary destinations in New Haven.]]> <![CDATA[City Of New Haven Sets Deadline For Homeless To Leave Camp Near East Rock Park]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:51:55 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/NHHOMELESSCAMPS120816.jpg The remaining homeless residents at the camp site near East Rock Park have until Thursday, December 15th to move out.]]> <![CDATA[Memorial for Wethersfield Fallen Police Dog]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:51:05 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/DOGSTILL12-018.jpg Hundreds of fellow police officers pay respect to THOR]]> <![CDATA[Police Investigating Burglaries in Ellington]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:37:44 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Lakeside+Deli+burglary.jpg

Photo Credit: NBCConnecticut.com]]>
<![CDATA[Naskart Track to Bring Jobs to Montville Area]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:38:54 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Naskart_Track_to_Bring_Jobs_to_Montville_Area_1200x675_828511811674.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Become a Mentor]]> Thu, 17 May 2012 11:02:18 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/school+classroom-722.jpg Become a mentor.
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<![CDATA[New Britain Dealing With Costs of Train Derailment]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 21:43:46 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/New_Britain_Dealing_With_Costs_of_Train_Derailment_1200x675_828507203595.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Manchester Police Shoot Pit Bull Attacking Girl]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 18:54:40 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Manchester_Police_Shoot_Pit_Bull_Attacking_Girl_1200x675_828498499578.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Hospital Warns of Infection Risk]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 18:54:09 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Hospital_Warns_of_Infection_Risk_1200x675_828481091797.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[State List of Unclaimed Property]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 18:54:22 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/212*120/Money_generic1.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[New Haven Cafe Helps Out Less Fortunate]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 16:42:13 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Sunrisecafe00000000.jpg Sunrise cafe helps out homeless in New Haven]]> <![CDATA[School Shoutout: Ivy Drive Elementary School in Bristol]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 13:56:40 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/School_Shoutout_Ivy_Drive_Elementary_Bristol_1200x675_828189251696.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[School Shoutout: Jefferson Elementary School New Britain]]> Thu, 08 Dec 2016 12:55:10 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/School_Shoutout_Jefferson_Elementary_1200x675_828138563710.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[New Haven Islamic Center Receives Threatening Letter]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 23:43:20 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/webmosqueorange12716.jpg A mosque in Orange received a threatening letter that was addressed to "the children of Satan".]]> <![CDATA[Feast TV]]> Fri, 16 Nov 2012 14:43:29 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/DINER_722x406_2200904156.jpg From upscale restaurants to out-of-the way dives, Jason Hawkins goes around the state to find some of the best food in Connecticut.
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<![CDATA[Bullets Pierce House with Children Inside]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 23:30:01 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/houseshot00000000.jpg House shot]]> <![CDATA[State Warns of Holiday Charity Scams]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 22:46:05 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/State_Warns_of_Holiday_Charity_Scams_1200x675_827381827553.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[A New Policy Has Been Written Regarding UConn Police and Undocumented Students]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 22:45:41 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/UCONNFEES00000000.jpg Administrators said this policy has always been in place but now its on the books. And because of that, undocumented students said they feel less scared.]]> <![CDATA[New Britain Train Derails Team Coverage]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 22:37:36 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/New_Britain_Train_Derails_Team_Coverage_1200x675_827544131828.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Beware Package Thieves During Holiday Season]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 22:37:07 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Beware_Package_Thieves_During_Holiday_Season_1200x675_827604547603.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[UConn Administrators Approved a New Plan That Will Increase Some Fees for Students]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 20:19:56 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/UCONNFEES00000000.jpg Administrators said the state funding they receive will decrease next year so some fees for students will have to increase.]]> <![CDATA[Suspects Connected To Deadly East Haven Hit And Run Appear In Court]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 20:19:35 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/EASTHAVENFATALHITANDRUN120716.jpg A day after making two arrests, East Haven Police released dash cam video of the vehicle they say struck and killed a 59-year-old woman.]]> <![CDATA[Connecticut Comptroller Receives Disturbing Emails]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 20:19:07 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/KEVINLEMBO.jpg One of Connecticut's top elected officials found himself in a fight with a conservative group in Mississippi.]]> <![CDATA[Making The Grade]]> Wed, 27 Mar 2013 08:54:21 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/160*120/empty-classroom-0127.jpg

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<![CDATA[Brainard Airport Future]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 20:18:14 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/BRAINARDAIRPORT.jpg After years of trying to decide what to do with Brainard airport people are frustrated after a 50 page report was scrapped.]]> <![CDATA[New Britain Train Derailment Follow Up]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 20:17:55 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/New_Britain_Train_Derailment_Follow_Up_1200x675_827533891714.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Pearl Harbor Groton]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 19:20:42 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Pearl_Harbor_Groton_1200x675_827487299904.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[EHPD 16-36649]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:59:47 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/EHPD_16-36649_1200x675_827204163705.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Bethany Volunteer Fire Hopes to Upgrade Radio System]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 13:10:09 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Bethany_Volunteer_Fire_Hopes_to_Upgrade_Radio_System_1200x675_827115587904.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Cleanp After New Britain Train Derailment Could Take Days]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 11:51:21 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Cleanp_After_New_Britain_Train_Derailment_Could_Take_Days_1200x675_827088963849.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Truck Rollover in Danbury Caused Nightmare Commute]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 11:44:07 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Truck_Rollover_in_Danbury_Caused_Nightmare_Commute_1200x675_827083843605.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Teen Cited After Crashing Into School Bus]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 11:42:31 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Teen_Cited_After_Crashing_Into_School_Bus_1200x675_827076675803.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[New Britain Train Derailment Cleanup Could Take Days]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 07:08:24 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/New_Britain_Train_Derailment_Cleanup_Could_Take_Days_1200x675_826886211754.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[2 Suspects Arrested In Fatal East Haven Hit And Run]]> Wed, 07 Dec 2016 06:38:07 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/WEBPICEASTHAVEN12616.jpg The suspected driver and passenger in a hit-and-run crash that claimed the life of an East Haven woman on Saturday night have been arrested. Edward Santomassimo, 33 and Jeanna Suraci, 33 both of East Haven were arrested Tuesday evening.]]> <![CDATA[Panel Weighs Changes to Developmental Services]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:11:18 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/DDSPolicyImpact120616.jpg Families have worries despite successful track record of non profit facilities and issues with state funding.]]> <![CDATA[Bronin Brings Regional Pitch to West Hartford]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:08:37 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/BroninRegionalism120616.jpg Hartford Mayor wants to start discussion on regional cooperation]]> <![CDATA[AAA Fails to Reach Agreement With DMV]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:08:09 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/AAA_Fails_to_Reach_Agreement_With_DMV_1200x675_826316867767.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[Uber Location Services]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:07:17 -0500 Uber’s new update allows the app to track your location, even when you’re not using the app. The company says it will help them improve safety features by letting them know things like when a user has to cross the street to get their ride. Privacy advocates are worried it will give them access to a whole lot more, so here is how you can disable the feature entirely.]]> <![CDATA[Fire Officials Investigating JCC New Haven]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:00:50 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/Fire_Officials_Investigating_JCC_New_Haven_1200x675_826370115829.jpg ]]> <![CDATA[New London Blight]]> Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:00:24 -0500 http://media.nbcconnecticut.com/images/213*120/New_London_Blight_1_1200x675_826491971763.jpg ]]>