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Lady Boss - Full Episode

Lady Boss - Full Episode

When you think butcher, you might picture a bearded burly man. But at the Meat Hook in Williamsburg Brooklyn, butchers Leah & Sunny are carving up that image, and proving they handle meat even better than self-proclaimed expert, Johnny Bananas.

Big engines and fast cars are usually considered "toys" for boys. But after making history as the only female teen sportscar driver in North America at just 19 years old, pro racecar driver Aurora Straus is on the fast track to shattering the notion that women don't belong behind the wheel.

In Hollywood's male dominated stunt industry, Janeshia-Adams Ginyard is fighting her way to the top. With starring stunt-double roles in blockbuster film Black Panther and hit horror flick US, Janeshia proves Women are a force to be reckoned with on and off the set, a lesson Johnny learns the hard way.

In Magic, Women are often confined in a box, or destined for danger. But at Hollywood's mecca of magic, The Magic Castle, Magician Misty Lee is conjuring up a different narrative, and Johnny gets a cut of the action.

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