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Casey Cochran's Hair Gets National Attention



    The news that coach Bob Diaco had named Casey Cochran the starter made the rounds in the local papers and blogs that cover the team and the AAC. But Cochran also made national news when featured Cochran's ... mullet.

    The set up: Diaco held a press conference to announce his quarterback plans and he had his quarterbacks join him. And Cochran's coiffure stole the show.

    Deadspin's Samer Kalef writes: "Look at that thing. That's not a haircut; that's the 1984 CMA Awards. You see hair like that and you wonder if there's a Fiero parked nearby. If that hair could talk, it would say: "Get back in the house, Lurleen. I'm handling this." It's wonderful. Please don't cut it, Casey."

    And the UConn blog,, adds: "That, my friends, is a mullet and a mustache from UConn’s starting QB. ... A mullet that clearly says 'my mom did not OK this' and a mustache that looks like the thing I had on my face in 8th grade before my dad made me shave. ... I can’t pretend to analyze how this will impact his on-field performance. I don’t have the football or trichological knowledge to speculate.

    "But I know this: BYU comes to town next week and this is as clear an honor code violation as I’ve ever seen."