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Diaco Takes Risk With 2-Headed QB



    In Bob Diaco's mind, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, at least when it comes to naming a quarterback. That's why he announced Casey Cochran as his starter -- before adding that Chandler Whitmer will also see plenty of playing time.

    It's an interesting decision if for no other reason than we've seen it before under Paul Pasqualoni. During Whitmer's first year, he started 12 games, but also gave way to QB Scott McCummings, a wildcat specialist. The system rarely worked, partly because the wildcat hadn't been effective for some time, but also because of the old saying, "to have two starting quarterbacks is to have none."

    And Diaco knows he's taking a risk by going this route.

    “They just do different things better than the other guy,” he said, via SNY.com. “When we are going to do those things in the game, why wouldn’t we ask the guys to do those things? (not doing that) doesn’t make sense to me. ...

    “Hopefully, it works out,” Diaco added. “If not you guys will be chasing me with torches and pitchforks. “

    Pasqualoni and former offensive coordinator George DeLeone can confirm as much.

    For now, though, Diaco remains convinced that Chandler and Whitmer together give the Huskies their best chance.

    “We can play winning football with either one,” he said. “The staff, led by me, feels strongly that they both have pluses in their game. The dynamic of starting Casey with Chandler coming into play utilizes both of them as a plus for our sum total.”