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Geremy Davis Signs With Giants

The Giants liked Davis' skills so much that they thought about drafting him a round earlier.

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    It's official: Geremy Davis has signed his four-year contract with the Giants. Now all he needs to do is make the team. And while that's a 50/50 proposition at best for sixth-round picks, the Giants liked Davis' skills so much that they thought about drafting him a round earlier.

    "He's a player who we discussed in the fifth round and almost took then," Chris Mara, the Giants senior vice president of player evaluation, told "Big, strong, tough kid. He's more of a possession guy, but he's got a special teams temperament also."

    But it wasn't just Davis' size and good hands that caught the Giants' eye. It was also his ability to contribute in other areas like special teams.

    "This guy is a big guy who is strong, competitive and more of a possession type receiver, even though he ran really fast at his pro day," vice president of player evaluation Marc Ross said, via "He is more of a possession type. He catches the ball. A big guy like that is going to make it as your fourth receiver and special teams player if you want to say the Tyree role. Preston Parker did it for us last year.

    There are worse things than being known as guy who brought down the then-undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl XLII back in February 2008.

    "You need those utility backup guys to help you win," Ross continued. "Be ready. Be prepared. If you get in the game, make a catch and play on all the core special teams. Every team needs has to have those kinds of guys to win and that is what we think this guy can do."