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Huskies Headed to the NFL



    It's hard to call any day you're drafted by an NFL team a bad day, but former UConn running back Jordan Todman most likely didn't have a day as he had hoped Saturday.

    Projected by some to go in the third round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Todman, the Big East Offensive Player of the Year, sat through round after round as other, less touted players were selected.

    Todman's number was finally called in the middle of the sixth round Saturday afternoon, when the San Diego Chargers used the 183rd pick in the draft to select him.  Before the draft, some had raised concerns that Todman's smaller size (5'9", 203lbs) might hurt him in the NFL, and that may have caused his star to fall a bit in the draft.

    In fact, Todman wasn't the first Husky, or even the first UConn running back to be drafted this year.  The Arizona Cardinals used the 136th pick to select Anthony Sherman in the fifth round.

    Linebacker Lawrence Wilson was taken as the first pick of the sixth round by the Carolina Panthers.

    The seventh round saw linebacker Greg Lloyd selected by the Philadelphia Eagles.