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Ollie: 'There's Got to Be Some Changes'

UConn never led and the 66-58 final was only as close as it was because of a late rally.



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    Days after it seemed like the Huskies had figured things out after a slow start to the season, they were missing in action for the start of Tuesday's game against Tulsa. UConn never led and the 66-58 final was only as close as it was because of a late rally.

    Afterwards, Ollie was asked about the Huskies' fighting back from a 15-point deficit.

    I like how they came back, but you can’t get down by 15 and keep digging that hole," he said, via the New Haven Register. They played hard, but at the end of the day, it’s easy when you’re down by 15. There’s no pressure then. We’ve got to start playing hard, and playing consistent, for 40 minutes. That’s how we’re gonna win games. We didn’t do it. We haven’t done it. We’re gonna have to start, and that starts in Stanford (on Saturday). I’m gonna have to find some guys that are gonna do it.”

    So how does Ollie fix it? He's not sure but he knows things can't stay the same.

    “There’s got to be some changes, because we come out and keep seeing the same thing," he told the New Haven Register. "I don’t know who the changes are gonna be. I’ve got to sit down and assess the tape. There might not be any changes. I’m gonna figure that out with my coaching staff, and we’re gonna go forward.”

    Ollie also lamented the fact that the defense, which had played well recently, still has letdowns, often giving opponents easy paths to the basket.

    “We can’t rely on Amida all the time. I thought our guards didn’t do a good job controlling the dribble all night," the coach told the New Haven Register. "They were running a simple three-down play that we run, too. Woodard was just coming off and getting wide-open 3’s, getting going. Our defensive principles weren’t up to our standards. Credit them, for making us move our feet. We just didn’t respond tonight the way we have responded on the defensive end. That’s been one of our staples.”

    And then Ollie repeated a phrase we've heard countless times before but doesn't appear to be sticking through the first half of this season: “We have to play at a Level 5, and I thought we were at a Level 3, at best.”