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UConn Students Head to Texas to Support Huskies

UConn organized a 30-hour bus trip.



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    Students are embarking on a bus trip to the Final Four.

    It takes a special kind of fan to wake up at 5 a.m. and get on a bus for a 30-hour road trip, but that is what UConn students did this morning to get to the Final Four.

    The UConn men will be taking Florida on in the Final Four in Texas on Saturday.

    The university undergraduate student government organized the bus trip and sold 50 tickets at $100 apiece.

    Students who are taking the trip said they are hoping to see the Huskies continue to beat the odds and win it all.

    “We’re on a roll right now. We’re trying to hit our stride. I think Shabazz (Napier) is going to go off, score a lot of points,” Patrick  Bowen, a UConn freshman, said.

    Kaille Himes, a junior, was originally going to fly to Texas, but decided to take the bus instead.

    "I really wanted to go. I live and breathe UConn basketball and when our president suggested a bus, I thought, the more the merrier," Himes said.

    The bus left just after 6 a.m. and should pull into the Dallas area by 1 p.m. on Saturday, just a few hours before the big game.

    Students plan to stay in Texas as long as UConn keeps winning.