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Bryan Cranston Taking a "Drive" With Ryan Gosling



    Having made a triumphant switch from comedy to drama, Bryan Cranston is now transitioning from TV to the silver screen with a role in Ryan Gosling's upcoming love story with cars."

    Cranston has signed on to play an as-yet unspecified role in "Drive," from director Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Gosling as a Hollywood stunt driver who works nights behind the wheel of a getaway car who finds himself the target of a hit after a heist he's involved in goes pear-shaped.

    “We signed Bryan Cranston. I wanted him and I got him. He’s my favorite actor around,” Refn told Film School Rejects.

    Cranston is best known, of course, for his multi-Emmy winning role on "Breaking Bad" as a high school chem teacher turned meth dealer. But before that he did some great comedy as the dad on "Malcolm in the Middle," where he showed a commitment and bravery as a performer that has finally made him a star. And before that he was Jerry Seinfeld's dentist who converted to Judaism "for the jokes."

    With his comedic chops blended with the new-found grittiness he's found on "Breaking Bad," Cranston could conceivably play a great maniacal bad guy out to have Gosling killed.

    Gosling is among our favorites, having knocked us out in "Half Nelson," "Lars and the Real Girl" and the upcoming "Blue Valentine."

    And we're still reeling from Refn's tour de force "Bronson" and kicking ourselves for not having yet seen "Valhalla Rising," which promises to be epic.

    "Drive" should arrive in 2012.