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Demi Moore to play Gloria Steinem in "Lovelace"



    Now that the dust has settled around her high profile break-up from Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore is ready to get back to work. And she's snagged a sure-to-be high profile project.

    According to Variety, Moore is set to have a small but featured role as feminist icon and "Ms." magazine founder Gloria Steinem in the upcoming film "Lovelace," a biopic about the tragic life of porn star Linda Lovelace.

    Steinem has long been a hugely vocal opponent of the porn industry, and it was within the pages of Ms. Magazine that Lovelace's story - her abusive relationship with her husband, who coerced her into making porn films - first came to light.

    "Lovelace" has garnered a lot of intrigue-by-association, since it's competing with another Lovelace project called "Inferno: The Linda Lovelace Story." "Inferno," of course, was one of many projects slated to be Lindsay Lohan's "comeback" film...before, of course, Lohan had to inevitably drop out. The movie is still moving forward, apparently, with "Watchmen" star Malin Akerman in the lead.

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    On the other hand, "Lovelace" boasts Amanda Seyfried in the lead, alongside not only Moore but Peter Sarsgaard (as Lovelace's husband, which is great since no one can out-creep Peter), Sharon Stone, Juno Temple, Wes Bentley, and Eric Roberts (oops, sorry, Peter).

    There are also rumors swirling that James Franco will cameo as Hugh Hefner, in between doing, literally, everything.

    "Lovelace" is currently in production.