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Felicity Huffman Desperate To Hold Onto "Housewives" Marc Cherry



    News of producer Marc Cherry's possible departure from "Desperate Housewives" is causing quite a stir on Wisteria Lane as the show heads into its seventh season.

    "Housewives" star Felicity Huffman told us  she's waiting on pins and needles for the final word.

    "I am (anxious), I love my job," she tells PopcornBiz. "I want the show to go on."

    While Cherry, who created the show, has expressed the idea that he could pass "DH" onto another showrunner, even Huffman seemed to think this wouldn't fly. The show is too much of Cherry's creation.

    "It's his voice," she says, speaking from the AT&T launch of the BlackBerry Torch party. "I think the show should go on (if he left), but I don't know if it would go on."

    As far as she's concerned she wants Cherry to stay on board and have the show go for one or even two seasons beyond the upcoming seventh. "I feel like we could go to year nine pretty easily," she says.

    In the meantime, she's expecting great things with the latest Housewife, Vanessa Williams, who has joined the crew at Wisteria Lane. Williams will play a longtime friend and often "frenemy" of Huffman's character once living the high life and married to a professional athlete.

    "But now her marriage is on the rocks and she's come back to Wisteria Lane to lick her wounds," says Huffman.

    Williams has fit right in on the set, once she got through the usual "Housewives" hazing ritual.

    "There was a wet t-shirt contest," jokes Huffman. "She won. There were a couple of runners up. Not me."

    On a serious note, she believes Williams is "fantastic" and will be a new reason for viewers to tune in this season.