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Julie Newmar is Happy Anne Hathaway is Sinking Her Claws Into Catwoman



    Anne Hathaway on Wearing the Catwoman Suit In "The Dark Knight Rises"

    Anne Hathaway chats at the "One Day" press junket about playing Catwoman in the new Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises." How long has she dreamed of playing the iconic role? (Published Tuesday, March 4, 2014)

    For those expecting an epic Cat-fight, we have some disappointing news: Julie Newmar thinks Anne Hathaway is a purr-fect choice to play Batman's favorite feline femme fatale.

    “I adore Anne Hathaway,” Newmar, who famously filled out the Catwoman catsuit on the 1960s Batman TV series, tells PopcornBiz of the actress who’s taking up the mantle for director Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” “First of all, she's so gorgeous, and there's something so sweet about her, and I know that she has all these other [performing] abilities. I think she'll be splendid!”

    After 45 years of association with Batman’s nubile nemesis, Newmar knows a thing or two about Catwoman's allure - and is pretty sure Hathaway will get it. “Catwoman is appealing because she's a rascal,” she says. “If you're the good kid in the family you kind of get ignored, but if you're the naughty one, you're the one that they're always going after, always looking to see what you'll do next or what's happening here. They're not going to keep their eyes off of you. “

    She also agrees with Hathaway (see above) that Catwoman’s traditionally sleek, skin-tight outfit is a thrill to put on. “It just puts you in a good mood,” insists Newmar. “You put on that black and it slims you down, put on the heels and that also makes your posture go forward slightly so you're kind of out there, looking and accepting and finding new people to play with.”

    “My Catwoman suit is in the Smithsonian Museum now in Washington, D.C.,” reveals Newmar. “I have a facsimile. Actually, I have two of them. And no, I won't put it on."