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Thursday Watch List: Agua!



    Welcome to Watch List, where we identify five things on TV to watch while you stay at home and mourn the late Greg Giraldo. So, so sad. That guy was funny. The roasting industry will never be the same. LET’S GO!

    LIQUID ASSETS: THE BIG BUSINESS OF WATER – 9:00PM (CNBC) The world is apparently running out of fresh water, and this hour-long special looks at the possible international and financial conflicts that will arise as that supply becomes more and more depleted. You could watch this and scare yourself to death, or you could ignore it and take a shower in an already full bathtub while running your sprinklers. Ignorance is such wet bliss. ANTICIPATION: SCARY!

    PROJECT RUNWAY – 9:00PM (Lifetime) We’re finally rid of the treacherous Ivy, and now we’re left with a handful of designers who are personally compelling but, talent-wise, not really that great. It helps that Mondo dresses like an accordion monkey each week. Give him a dollar and he’ll dance for you! Tonight, the designers must create a garment inspired by their own lives, a challenge that invites even more self-absorption than the wild amounts this crew already seems to possess. I expect Gretchen’s dress to be made out of soil and arrogance. ANTICIPATION: TEAM MONDO!

    THE APPRENTICE – 10:00PM (NBC) The Dog Whisperer himself shows up to teach these losers a thing or two about being pack leader. The challenge? Run a dog spa for a day, something you totally need to be able to do if you want to run a multinational corporation one day. Rupert Murdoch is a brilliant groomer. He can shear a poodle in two minutes flat. That’s the stuff titans are made of. ANTICIPATION: RUFF!

    SUPERHUMANS – 10:00PM (History Channel) Meet Salim Haini, who claims he can eat anything and remained unharmed. I would very much like to see that claim put to the test. Arsenic? Oh yes. Thumbtacks? You bet! Iocaine powder? Of course. I will watch this man ingest anything. ANTICIPATION: HIGH!

    JERSEY SHORE – 10:00PM (MTV) Angelina tells the roommates what she really thinks of them. Because she’s been so shy about her opinions before. That girl be crazy! ANTICIPATION: DRAMA!