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    BOOK IT: Not too long ago we wrote about the Nook covers that were cleverly disguised as chic leather-bound books and journals by those tricksters at Barnes & Noble and now we're presenting you with another card catalog poser: BookBook by Twelve South. While BookBook only looks like a real life book while your device is zipped tight, this weathered hardback makes a cozy (and protective) home for your 13" or 15" Macbook or Macbook Pro.

    To add to its charm, BookBook is handmade with custom distressing so no faux book is the same, similar to the special effect a vintage hardcover would have. Now don't get disillusioned yet, BookBook claims they have great justification for this great farce: the illusion of being a book will greatly decrease the chances of having your precious laptop from being stolen... because who wants a dumb old book these days anyway?

    BUY IT: Order BookBook online for $79.99.