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Swiss Serum for Supple Skin



    RED DELICIOUS: Michelle Obama claims she uses a rare form of Natural Swiss Apple Stem Cells, scientifically referred to with a name we doubt you're familiar with (we're definitely not), to keep her skin radiant and supple. If this sounds like some sort of outlandish treatment only available when you just happen to be Mrs. President of the United States of America, don't fret —it's not. While we don't recommend smearing apple sauce onto your face to get a youthful glow, we do recommend Goldfaden's Stem Cell Skin Serum, packed with all the apple antioxidants could you ever want, along with Hyaluronic Acid for moisture and Chrondus Crispus (it's not Latin for potato chips, it's actually vitamin-packed seaweed.) Oil-free and immediate absorption make it ideal for 365 use but we don't recommend it taking the place of your daily fruit fix. (Unfortunately, those kinds of benefits aren't included.)

    BUY IT: Order Goldfaden's Stem Cell Skin Serum online for $75.