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    KIND OF LIKE MAD LIBS: Some of us were given the natural gift of words (why thank you, thank you very much) but for those who weren't might have a few issues filling up an entire notebook with prose and feelings, let alone keep a journal.That's why we're glad that we've found these Journal Topics notebooks on the subjects of: life, pregnancy and life. Each page has asks a new question on the subject at hand and leads you to fill the space with your thoughts and answer.

    Each notebook is only 6" x 6" and fits easily in a purse or backpack so you can respond whenever you feel inspired to do so - a great exercise for a writer in training. Plus, when all is said and done (and written) it makes a great chronicle of your memories.

    BUY IT: Find the Journal Topics notebooks at MIX in Guilford or online for $12 each.