Madre Latina's Postpartum Program Replaces Stigma With Support

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Helping mothers is what Yoellie Iglesias does. It’s in the name of the nonprofit she founded 11 years ago – Madre Latina.

The organization empowers and educates Latina mothers and connects them to the services of the greater Waterbury area.

The nonprofit has a network of 3,000 partner organizations doing everything from connecting people to certain social services, to providing basic needs, youth initiatives, helping young people in their transition to college and more.

Since the pandemic, Madre Latina has expanded its assistance to help mothers on their postpartum journey - with La Cuna Latina. Yoellie says within the community, postpartum depression and anxiety are sometimes swept aside, and she’s working to give mothers the tools to survive it.

La Cuna Latina connects mothers to Spanish speaking health workers from Wheeler Health. Those workers can connect the mothers to counseling, both group and individual, and other services to help with postpartum challenges. 

Iglesias says this program is meant help remove the stigma that often surrounds seeking assistance for mental health challenges. She wants mothers to know help exists and there’s nothing wrong with seeking it out.

“Don't be afraid to look for help. Because at the end your family will be thanking you. Because if you are not fine, if you are not healthy, you cannot help your family. And that is your ultimate goal," Yoellie said.

You can learn more about Madre Latina on their website.

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