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Urban League of Greater Hartford to Hold Equal Opportunity Day Celebration

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On Thursday, the Urban League of Greater Hartford will host its Equal Opportunity Day event, their annual celebration of the work they’ve done throughout the year and the work that remains for the historic civil rights and advocacy organization. 

This year, the celebration will be virtual again due to the pandemic. 

Among the honorees are trailblazers in Connecticut, including Patricia Kelly of Ebony Horsewomen in Hartford to the late Cheryl Smith, co-founder of The Artists Collective in the North End.  Judith Jamison, creative director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater will keynote.

CEO David Hopkins, who took the helm of the Greater Hartford League in 2019, says the organization remains steadfast in their goals, but the pandemic and the nation’s racial reckoning following the death of George Floyd has led to a refocusing of the League’s goals nationally and here in CT. 

“The social justice aspect of the role of the Urban League became more, more critical. The work that we do is very important in terms of creating levels of awareness to the historical barriers and challenges that the community has experienced as a result of racism” said Hopkins.

Equal Opportunity Day is also a chance for the League to remind the greater Hartford community of their work every day, from mentorship programs for high school students, to food growth and sustainability. 

The Equal Opportunity Day celebration is open to the public.  It happens Thursday December 2 at 6pm.  Watch live on the ULGH Website, ULGH Facebook page or ULGH YouTube page.

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