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Kids Connection: Story Time – A Kids Book About Gratitude

Story by Ben Kenyon

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Thank you to A Kids Book About for permission to read A Kids Book About Gratitude!

(Ben Kenyon / Photo Credit: A Kids Book About)

Ben Kenyon is a podcaster, influencer, founder of The Younique Piece, and a performance coach for the Trail Blazers. He lives in Portland, Oregon, and tries to live generously and with gratitude every day.

About “A Kids Book About”

A Kids Book About is the first direct-to-consumer kids book brand and publishing company. On a mission to make beautiful kids books on any challenging topic, A Kids Book About works with authors from all kinds of backgrounds and identities to explore themes like Racism, Creativity, Feminism, Belonging, Money, Depression, Body Image, Adventure, Failure, and Anxiety. Founded by three dads in Portland, Oregon, A Kids Book About is built on the belief that kids are ready to have challenging, important and empowering conversations. For more information, visit

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Kids Connection

NBC Connecticut's Kids Connection is a regional Emmy and Telly award-winning show that features educational and entertaining content for kids and families!

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A Kids Book About Empathy: This is a book about empathy. Feelings aren’t always easy, especially when they are other people’s. This book teaches kids (and grownups) how to feel “with” someone, and not just for them. Click here to purchase A Kids Book About Empathy!

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