Make-A-Wish: Canton Boy's Wish Granted With Surprise Reveal

NBC Connecticut was at Hemlock Hill in Southington as Make-A-Wish CT granted six-year-old Silas Peyre's wish.

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Silas Peyre has experienced a lot in his short life.

When the Canton boy was 5-years-old his parents noticed a large mass on his abdomen.

“We took him in to see what was going on. We thought he was just bloated," explained Ashlee Maldonado, Silas's mom.

After taking Silas to doctors and running tests, his family learned that he had cancer. The mass was on his kidney and was about 16 centimeters.

“It was scary," said Maldonado. "I thought I was going to lose my child.”

Silas has endured a lot in the last year, but after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Silas is now in remission and he has some exciting news. He is a Wish Kid with Make-A-Wish Connecticut.

“It has given us something to look forward to. He could pick anything he wanted to do as a family," said Steven Peyre, Silas's dad.

Silas wished for a camper for his family. He specifically requested bunk beds for him and his little sister.

"To go around the world!” Silas said.

Silas's parents said that he was asking every day when his wish would come true. Little did he know, it was a lot closer than he realized.

Arriving in a limo and escorted by Connecticut State Police, Silas was surprised with his wish Friday at Hemlock Hill RV in Southington.

Not only did Silas receive a camper, but he also received camping gifts, supplies for smores and, of course, the camper had bunk beds inside.

“It is a huge blessing," said Silas's dad.

Photos: Make-A-Wish: Canton Boy's Wish Granted With Surprise Reveal

The camper was donated to Silas by Hemlock Hill RV. Chris Andro, president of Hemlock Hill, said that he gave the gift as a tribute to his father, who passed away this summer. Andro said that his dad was a major supporter of Make-A-Wish and also loved camping, just like Silas. He hopes that his family can help Silas's family forget about his illness and focus on the good.

“For him just to enjoy himself and put what is in the past, in the past," said Andro. “His eyes just lit right up and it warms my heart."

Silas said that he would like his first camping trip to be in Florida.

His parents said they are incredibly grateful.

“We could just be together and enjoy our time together. They are going to have a lot of memories with this, for sure," said Silas's mom.

“It took a lot of people for this to come together and it means a lot to my family,” added Silas's dad.

Silas's wish was a rare travel wish granted during the pandemic. About 150 wish kids have had to postpone their wishes until it is safe to travel.

To help make sure those wishes can come true after the pandemic, people have been supporting the NBC Connecticut and Telemundo Connecticut Miles for Smiles Campaign all week.

About 70% of all Make-A-Wish wishes involve travel, requiring 50,000 round-trip airline tickets to grant wishes annually nationwide. According to Make-A-Wish Connecticut, the average number of miles needed for one domestic round-trip ticket is 50,000.

You can help by donating airline miles. Call (855) 622-2830 to make an airline miles contribution or give a monetary donation. You can also learn more by visiting

Once airline miles are donated to Make-A-Wish, they do not expire.

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