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Bob Stefanowski Announces Run for Governor

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Bob Stefanowski, a Madison businessman and Republican who ran against Gov. Ned Lamont in 2018, is going to run for governor again.

Stefanowski was on the Chaz and AJ radio show Wednesday morning and said he thinks Connecticut voters are ready for a change.

"I’m running because I fundamentally believe that by working together, we can change Connecticut. I’m running for Governor to make government work for the people of Connecticut, not political insiders," Stefanowski said in a statement on his campaign website. 

The statement also says Stefanowski made an initial investment of $10 million into his campaign.

Republican Susan Patricelli Regan is also running for governor and former Republican Leader Themis Klarides has filed paperwork to explore a run for governor.

The primary election will take place on Aug. 9.

Lamont, who took office in January 2019, filed paperwork in November to run for re-election.

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