Southington Working to Inform Residents of Voting Locations After Primary Confusion

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After much confusion during the primaries in August, cities and towns across the state are making sure their residents know their voting districts before Nov. 8.

Southington was among several towns and cities across the state with confused and uninformed voters during this year’s primaries.

Redistricting, which happens every 10 years, occurred in 2020, and Southington lost two polling locations during the process.

By law, the routine political process adjusts political lines for population growth, ensuring equal representation around the country.

"On the primary day, the poll workers were having a heck of a time because they dealt with a lot of frustrated voters who had gone to the wrong school," Walter Grover, of Southington, said.

"A lot of people were angry, you know they took time off from work," Ruth Cyr, a poll worker, said.

Before this election day on Nov. 8, the town’s registrar’s office said, they won't be making the same mistake twice.

The registrar’s office will be sending out letters to each Southington household, letting them know where to vote.

They will also put the notice in the paper and online.

"I think the main thing is for people to know that this is a privilege we have in the United States. It’s an extremely important day. Mark it on your calendar, find out where you’re going, do your research before you vote," Cyr said.

"Hindsight is always 20/20. I could’ve sent out, this is a costly letter to be sent out to every resident, I could’ve sent it out but there was only 4% of the people that were voting in the primary and I thought it would not be as bad as I guess it was," August Palmer, the Republican registrar in Southington said.

“We’re going to try to make the voting experience as easy as possible by adding more checkers and making those lines move a lot better than they did before,” he added.

Find out here where to go on election day to cast your vote.  

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