Countdown to the Perfect Gift - NBC Connecticut

Necklace or earrings? White gold or yellow? Buy early or wait for promotions? All these choices make shopping for jewelry seem much harder than it actually is. Here's the good news: You still have plenty of time. Follow this easy plan from the experts at Michaels Jewelers to find just the right holiday gift at just the right price. Let the Gift Day countdown begin!

Gift Day minus 5 weeks

Lay the groundwork for getting a great deal without leaving your living room. Visit your favorite retailers online and sign up for their emails, newsletters and social streams. You'll get advance notice of holiday offers and stay on top of sales all year long.

Gift Day minus 4 weeks

She might not tell you what she wants—but she'll drop hints to her friends, her mother and maybe even the dog. Find out what they know, then put on your spy hat and peek in her closet. Do you see solids and neutral tones or bold colors and prints? Is her jewelry gold, silver or a mix? Does it look simple and elegant or playful and ornate? Keep notes on what you discover.

Gift day minus 3 weeks

Time to narrow down your retailers. Look for stores with flawless customer service, and make sure they are members of the American Gem Society, a preeminent trade organization dedicated to consumer protection. Research their brands to see if they carry the styles you're looking for.

Gift Day minus 2 weeks

If you're still not sure what she'll love, explore readily available solutions that suit every style. Diamond studs go from workday to weekend and are available at almost any price point. A simple solitaire necklace is a memorable gift that's easy to wear with anything. And a beautiful bangle set will remind her of you whenever she looks at her wrist.

Gift Day!

Set aside uninterrupted time to present your gift in a way that's as meaningful as the piece itself. It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Simply set the stage with beautiful wrapping and a thoughtful card, then enjoy knowing you've created a moment that will last forever.

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