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Denise Richards: I Didn't Go On A Blind Date With Simon Cowell



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    Actress Denise Richards said she never dated Simon Cowell.

    Denise Richards has poked a hole in Simon Cowell's claim to Howard Stern that "The X Factor" boss was once set up on a blind date with the actress.

    "I was at a group dinner 8mo pregnant not sure how thats considered a date," she Tweeted on Wednesday. "news to me! if I was being set up I didn't know it!"

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    Earlier in the day, Simon, while speaking with Howard for his "Howard 101" Sirius XM Radio show, claimed to the radio host that he was set up with Denise a number of years ago.

    "We had a bizarre kind of blind date several years ago," Simon told Howard, per the Winnipeg Free Press. "She's cute. She turned up eight months pregnant and had a dog in her handbag."

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    Simon added that Denise's pregnancy didn't get his fires burning, but he still liked the actress.

    "She is gorgeous," he said. "I liked her a lot. I think she's cute, funny, a bit of a wacko, but I like that."

    "We met up afterwards," he reportedly added.

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