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Hugh Hefner, Fiancée Obtain Marriage License

The license is valid for 90 days



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    Hefner and Harris obtained a marriage license in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday.

    Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris are again taking steps toward the altar, more than a year after the centerfold canceled their previous engagement and was branded a "runaway bride" in Playboy.

    The couple obtained a marriage license Tuesday at a courthouse in Beverly Hills.

    Harris called off the couple's previous engagement in June 2011, prompting Playboy to affix "runaway bride" stickers to an issue introducing her as Mrs. Hefner.

    Celebrity website TMZ first reported the couple's license. It says they reunited earlier this year and plan to wed on New Year's Eve.

    LA County Recorder Public Information Officer Elizabeth Knox says the license is valid for 90 days.

    The Playboy founder has been married twice before. His spokeswoman Teri Thomerson didn't immediately return a message Tuesday.