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Lady Gaga to Rake in $100M in 2011: Forbes

$102 ticket prices, a new album and endorsements. It adds up.



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    Lady Gaga's on pace to make $100 million in 2011, enough to put food on her table, body or anywhere else she wants.

    The meat dress-wearing "Bad Romance" singer will get to nine-figure territory by selling lots of concert tickets at an average price of $102, according to Forbes. The magazine estimated Gaga, real name Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, made $64 million last year.

     “She’s just hitting her stride artistically and commercially now,” entertainment attorney Bernie Resnick, who represents Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter, told the mag. “We’re only seeing the beginning.”

    Gaga's 138-date "Monster's Ball" tour grossed $133 million last year, second to only Bon Jovi on the list of year’s most lucrative tours. Gaga already commands $10 more per ticket, but plays smaller venues than the arena rockers.

    Here's Forbes' calculation for 2011: Over the next six months, Gaga is scheduled to play 41 shows at 20,000-seat venues like Madison Square Garden in New York and the Staples Center in Los Angeles. That works out to $2 million gross per show, of which her cut is about $800,000. Multiply that by 41 and you get roughly $33 million.

    In the second half of the year, Gaga has a new album, "Born This Way," coming out. That could earn her as much as $15 million in sales, Forbes figures. A similar sum could come in the form of  radio play and songwriting and performance royalties.

    Since Resnick expects the album to catapult Gaga into the stadium act class, the tour for the second half of the year could reap another $45 million. The rest of her projected earnings would be in endorsements, including Polaroid sunglasses, VirginMobile phones and product placement in her videos.

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