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"Frightened" Halle Berry Granted Restraining Order



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    Richard Franco was arrested for trespassing three times in as many days.

    LOS ANGELES  — Halle Berry on Tuesday obtained a restraining order against a man who was taken into custody outside her home hours earlier, the third such arrest in as many days.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Carol Goodson ordered Richard Franco, 27, to stay 100 yards away from Berry and her young daughter if he is released from jail.

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    It was Franco's third arrest for trespassing at the Oscar-winning actress' home in three days.

    "This person has jeopardized not only my personal safety, but also the safety and well-being of my family," Berry wrote in a sworn declaration. "This person has invaded and trampled upon the most fundamental sense of security I have, and I am extremely frightened of him and what he might do to me or those I love."

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    Berry said Franco had come within a foot of her on Sunday, when he apparently followed her to her kitchen door. The actress wrote she was able to lock the door and call police before Franco got into her home.

    Franco was also spotted by Berry and her manager at the actress' home on Saturday, according to court files.

    Off-duty police officers hired by Berry to patrol her property saw Franco scale a security gate at her home late Monday. Berry wrote she was home alone with her 3-year-old daughter when Franco was arrested that night.

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    He remained jailed in lieu of $150,000 bail on Tuesday.

    A hearing on whether to extend the order for three years on Aug. 1.

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    Berry won the best actress Academy Award in 2001 for her role in "Monster's Ball."

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