CT LIVE!: Super Food Crunch Amazeballs

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Super Food Crunch Amazeballs


•2 jars sunbutter
•2 C maple syrup
•2 tsp vanilla extract
•Pinch of salt
•½ C chia seeds
•½ C flax seeds
•2 C cacao nibs
•2 C hemp hearts
•4 C quinoa puffs
•Shredded coconut for rolling


  1. In a large mixing bowl combine
    sunbutter, maple syrup, vanilla
    extract and salt.
  2. Add chia, flax, cacao, hemp,
    and quinoa puffs.
  3. Mix together well, you will need
    to use your hands to thoroughly
    distribute all ingredients into
  4. Chill mixture for 30-60 minutes
    to make rolling easier.
  5. Roll approximately 1 T per ball.
  6. Roll in coconut flakes.
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