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Celebrities Accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



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    Actor Vin Diesel.

    Vin Diesel is the latest in a string of stars to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge — and he nominated a very unlikely new candidate to continue the trend.

    Diesel, who posted his video to Instagram, challenged Michelle Obama, Angelina Jolie and, strangely enough, Vladimir Putin to either do the same or donate $100 to fund amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research projects.


    David Beckham also stripped down recently to accept Ryan Seacrest's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Before he got showered with a bucket of ice water, he asked Leonardo DiCaprio, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan to participate.

    LeAnn Rimes accepted CMT host Cody Alan's challenge Monday. Before she got wet, Rimes revealed that she'd already made a donation and vowed to make one on a fan's behalf if he or she completed the challenge and sent her a link to the video. Eddie Cibrian and his sons then doused the country crooner.

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    Neither of their videos compare to Hugh Jackman's enormous effort, though. After Russell Crowe challenged his Les Misrables co-star, Jackman recruited the cast and crew of "Pan" — including Garrett Hedlund, Levi Miller and Rooney Mara — to join him. As dozens of people got wet 'n wild, colored smoke filled the air. They challenged Tom Cruise and the cast and crew of "Mission: Impossible V," all of William Morris Endeavor's staff, plus Oscar Isaac and the cast and crew of "Star Wars: Episode VII" to follow suit.

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    "Guardians of the Galaxy" director James Gunn put the movie's heroine, Zoe Saldana, to the test. "Obviously I can't do it myself," the pregnant actress said while rubbing her baby bump, "so I nominate my husband [Marco Perego] to take on the challenge and get rinsed with an ice bucket of ice water."

    Saldana nominated Ron Burkle, James Cameron, Eileen Getty and Salma Hayek.

    Other famous participants included Chris Brown, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Hillary Swank.

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