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WATCH: "Wheel Of Fortune" Contestant’s Unbelievable Lucky Guess

"I’m rather stunned," host Pat Sajak says.



    Wheel of Fortune

    Oh, baby!

    A “Wheel of Fortune” puzzle master scored a shocking victory in the final round of Wednesday’s broadcast to win a grand total of $63,099.

    Contestant Emil was in a tough spot with just two letters to help him name a three-word "thing" in under 10 seconds.

    “This looks tough to me,” host Pat Sajak said.

    But Sajak acknowledged that Emil was a "very good puzzle solver." He advised that he "keep talking — maybe the right thing will pop out."

    Emil then guessed the right answer on the first try, prompting furious cheers from the audience.

    Sajak gave Emil a mock patdown then opened the the show’s prize envelope to reveal a $45,000 boost to the earlier loot he’d won.

    “I’m rather stunned,” Sajak observed.

    Check out the lucky guess in the video above.


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