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Dean McDermott Defends Tori Spelling After Backlash Over $95 Virtual Meet and Greet

McDermott claims his wife was approached by a company to do the meet and greet and that the idea was to provide some entertainment

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Dean McDermott is standing by his wife Tori Spelling after the "Beverly Hills, 90210" star came under fire for charging fans $95 for a virtual meet and greet amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Hi everybody. I find myself having to come to wife's defense again," he said in a clip shared to Instagram on Tuesday. "I'm really disappointed because she's catching flak and being dragged for doing a live meet and greet. People are upset that, given the current situation we're in in the lockdown and the coronavirus, that she's 'charging' people money to do a meet and greet."

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Watch this video. Nuff said. @torispelling

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McDermott claims his wife was approached by a company to do the meet and greet and that the idea was to provide some entertainment, levity, fun, humor and love to fans who are social distancing.

"But no! Instead, because it's Tori Spelling, she gets dragged and she gets the haters coming down on her for simply doing something to entertain people, but more importantly, to provide for her family," McDermott continued. "What is wrong with that? What is wrong with providing for your family at this time? All the studios, everything is shut down. She has no way to work like everybody else. She has no job to go to. So, why can she not work from home and do a live meet and greet with fans and give them some light and love and have some fun? There are numerous celebrities out there that post stuff and influencers, and they're out there making money every single day. But no, let's drag Tori Spelling. Let's give her a hard time."

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McDermott then called his wife "one of the hardest-working women in the business" and reiterated she is "simply providing for her family."

"So everybody needs to back off and just take a breath and relax," he said. "I don't know how many times I've had to come on here and tell people to chill out. She's a wonderful person; she's providing for her family."

He then encouraged his followers to "show a little love and compassion out there."

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