Disney+ and National Geographic Are Set to Release ‘Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom'

Josh Gad ("Frozen") will narrate the eight episode docu-series


Disney+ just announced it will release a docuseries called "Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom" in partnership with National Geographic. The 8 episode docuseries will give viewers an all-access pass to explore the Disney World parks’ array of more than 300 species and 5,000 animals.

The docuseries will also give viewers a closer look at what the animal care experts at Animal Kingdom do to keep the park up and running day and night. 

"Whether you have visited our parks hundreds of times, or you are being introduced for the first time through 'Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,' viewers will get an unparalleled, all-new experience as they meet some of the most intriguing animals in our care," says Dr. Mark Penning, Vice President, Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment, Disney Parks.

Charlene Guilliams/Disney
Jouy Luzania, Senior Trainer at Winged Encounters, holds Wizard, a Red Fronted Macaw.

Penning also says they hope to introduce viewers to animals with their own personality, and family dynamics. Here’s what you can expect to see:

  • Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail — Hang out with the newest member of the gorilla troop, baby Grace, named after the GRACE (Gorilla Rehabilitation and Conservation Education Center) gorilla sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and help her dad and troop leader, Gino, celebrate his 39th birthday.
  • Harambe Wildlife Reserve — Meet animal keeper Rory and come face to knee with his best friend, supermom Masai giraffe Kenya; play fetch with black rhino Badru and his keeper, Katie.
  • Kilimanjaro Safaris — Swing past a day spa as keeper Nicole gives two hyenas a bath in the hopes that they’ll be as endearing to guests as they are to her; watch Dakari, the alpha male African lion, reign over his land; and meet Kinsey, the alpha lioness, who’s the real ruler of the pride.
  • Discovery Island Stop by the love nest of Carri and Bones, an endangered vulture couple, as animal keeper Tricia sets the mood for mating and steps up as eggsitter. 
  • Tiger Temple — Witness animal care experts employing extra creativity to keep critically endangered Sumatran tigers Anala and Sohni entertained. 
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends at EPCOT — Plunge in with some of the 3,000 ocean animals that call it home, including an injured wild sea turtle, Harry; rescued manatees Lil’ Joe and Lou; Darby, a pregnant spotted eagle ray; and aquarist Amanda, who is also expecting. 
"Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom" production team and keeper Lori Kurdziel observing lions Kinsey and Dakari.

Filmed across five months, the series incorporates cutting-edge technology, including custom-built GoPro enclosures, 18-foot cranes and underwater camera systems, to highlight the magic found in every crevice of the kingdom.

"Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom" premieres September 25 on Disney+.

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