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Meet the DJ Behind Cardi B's Chart-Topping Coronavirus Hit

DJ iMarkkeyz's remix of Cardi B's video about COVID-19 has become a global phenomenon

Cardi B wants celebrities to send out a clearer message about the coronavirus
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While concerts have been canceled in an attempt to stifle the spread of coronavirus, listeners are still finding comfort through music and in particular, the "Coronavirus Remix" — a chart-topping song inspired by a Cardi B video that many are calling an "anthem" for this anxiety-inducing time, according to NBC News.

Never one to shy away from speaking about politics and current events, Cardi B posted a video to Instagram last Wednesday in which she discussed her fear of coronavirus and warned her 60 million followers to take the global pandemic seriously.

“Coronavirus! Coronavirus!" the "Bodak Yellow" singer said at the end of the video. "I’m telling you, s--- is real! S--- is gettin’ real!”

These final lines became the fodder for DJ iMarkkeyz's remix.

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