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Why Wait? See the Super Bowl Commercials Before the Big Game

Last year, a mere 30 seconds cost companies a record $5.25 million.

Remember the days in the distant past when you were actually forced to wait until the Super Bowl to watch Super Bowl commercials? Well, that time is long gone. Here's a quick look at the Super Bowl commercials that are already making the rounds. In some instances companies have only provided teaser clips preferring to get the full bang from Super Bowl Sunday. But in a handful of others the full commercial has already been revealed.

The coveted ad spots are notoriously expensive — last year, a 30 seconds cost companies a record $5.25 million during the championship match-up between the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots.

Kia's With an Inspirational Message

Running back Josh Jacobs returns to his hometown with a message for his younger self.

Bud Light featuring Post Malone

The beer or the seltzer? Post Malone's brain has an internal struggle, literally.

Bud Light seltzer featuring Post Malone

We saw the internal struggle in part one but how do Pot Malone's taste buds handle the mango flavor?

The Shining for Mountain Dew

Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross re-create scenes from the thriller for sugarless soda. Tracee Ellis Ross has a great scream and Cranston looks great in blue.

Rick and Morty are Stuck Stacking Pringles

Rick and Morty in a Pringles commercial sounds like a great time except they are trapped in commercial. Help! How many flavors will it take?

Planters: The Death of Mr. Planters

Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh join Mr. Peanut on a road trip that ends with a roasted peanut. Sparking the #RRIPeanut campaign.

Reese's Take 5 and the Power of Office Humor

When it comes to Reese's this office takes its jokes very literal.

Loretta | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2020

A man recalls precious memories with the love his life with help from Google.

Microsoft Super Bowl 2020 Commercial: Katie Sowers

Katie Sowers, uses the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 to break barriers as he first female coach in the NFL and to reach the Super Bowl.

Love Takes Action in New York with New York Life After defining the Greek words for love. Agape , the greatest from of love is love in action.

SodaStream Discovers Water On Mars

Bill Nye the science guy makes history as he finds water on big red planet. Too bad Mark makes it sparkling.

Little Caesars Super Bowl Commercial 2020

Rainn Wilson and Johnny Snead accept defeat as sliced bread becomes the second best carb.

Winona in Winona and Squarespace

Winona Ryder returns to her birthplace (and namesake) documenting her trip with some help from Squarespace

2020 HYUNDAI – Smaht Pahk
Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and David “Big Papi” Ortiz react to one of the Sonata’s newest and smartest features: Remote Smart Parking Assist.

2020 Avocados From Mexico – Shopping Network with Molly Ringwald
Avocados and Molly Ringwald? Sounds like a match made in Heaven.

Amazon #BeforeAlexa Super Bowl Ad with Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi wonder what did before voice commands.

2020 WEATHERTECH – Lucky Dog
WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil's dog was given a month to live. But MacNeil couldn't accept that prognosis, and is thanking the veterinary clinic that saved his pet by taking out a $6 million Super Bowl ad that treated Scout with aggressive chemotherapy and radiation that nearly eradicated his tumor. The spot encourages viewers to donate to the veterinary school's research.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen in 2020 Genesis Super Bowl Ad
Genesis spokescouple John Legend and Chrissy Teigen put old luxury on ice in this year’s Super Bowl commercial.

Cheetos New Super Bowl Commercial Features MC Hammer
Cheetos announced earlier this month it will be debuting a new Super Bowl ad for the first time in over a decade and it will feature the brand's latest creation: Cheetos Popcorn.

The 30-second spot, called “It’s a Cheetos Thing,” will highlight the infamous orange dust Cheetos fans get on their fingers after eating the brightly colored snack. 

Jimmy Fallon Works Out With Jon Cena
Jimmy Fallon pushes himself to the limit "Rocky"-style, alongside John Cena, in Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl commercial.

In the ad, Fallon begins his workout by lifting weights with Cena. Before long a number of familair celebrity facers pop up encouraging him along.

Budweiser's Commercial on Combatting Stereotypes
The beer brand released its new minute-long spot directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow. Titled "Typical American," the video pairs stereotypical negative labels often associated as American with viral acts of kindness and sweet personal achievements.

According to Budweiser, the spot is meant to remind viewers that “the American spirit is alive through the extraordinary actions of ordinary people."

You’ve Never Seen Jason Momoa … Like This
Like what? Tune in Sunday.

Porsche Back at the Super Bowl After 23 years
For the first time since 1997, a Porsche TV commercial will be broadcast during the U.S. Super Bowl on 2 February 2020. To spotlight the market launch of the new Taycan, the 60-second commercial shows an exciting chase between the first fully electric Porsche and almost a dozen iconic Porsche cars.

Saved from Password Purgatory thanks to Dashlane

The gateway to paradise lies in password protection in this frightful commercial.

Chris Rock Touts Facebook Groups 
Chris Rock is ready help you find your perfect Facebook group.

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