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Emma Thompson on Audrey Hepburn: She "Can't Really Act"



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    Just days after landing a star on the Walk of Fame, Emma Thompson threw a few verbal bombs at one of Hollywood's most beloved actresses.

    The British actress, who is writing a screenplay for a remake of "My Fair Lady," laid into the film's original star, Audrey Hepburn, in a pair of interviews, reports Newser.

    "I find Audrey Hepburn fantastically twee," she said in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter. "Twee is whimsy without wit. It's mimsy-mumsy sweetness without any kind of bite. And that's not for me," she said.

    The "Sense and Sensibility" star added that she was "thrilled" to be involved with a remake of the famous musical because she's "not hugely fond" of the original.

    "She can't sing and she can't really act, I'm afraid," Thompson added. "I'm sure she was a delightful woman - and perhaps if I had known her I would have enjoyed her acting more, but I don't and I didn't, so that's all there is to it, really," she said in a separate interview with Variety.