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Halle Berry Cancels Appearance at Academy Awards

Former Oscar-winner said a broken foot kept her from attending this year's awards show



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    Berry won an Oscar in 2002 for her performance in "Monster's Ball."

    The red carpet at the Academy Awards was noticeably less stunning this year after former Oscar-winner Halle Berry canceled her appearance at the awards show. A foot injury she suffered six months ago while on set of "Cloud Atlas" was what reportedly kept her home.

    Berry was scheduled to present an award with Tom Hanks. Last week, Berry was photographed wearing a bulky brace on her right foot/calf while with fiance Oliver Martinez.

    It was originally reportedthat the injury occurred during a walk on an off-day from filming in Spain. It was later revealed that Berry broke her foot while running after her three-year-old daughter, Nahla, who was chasing a goat.

    This isn't the first time Berry has been hurt on set. While filming "Catwoman," Berry was hit with a lighting prop and taken to the hospital. She also broke her arm on the set of "Gothika."

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