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Eminem Talks His About Accidental Overdose



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    In a new Rolling Stone interview, the superstar rapper recalls the time he almost died in 2007.

    These days, rapper Eminem is still a major musical force to be a reckon with thanks to a Number One album, "Recovery," and recent concerts with Jay-Z. But there was also a time when the Detroit rapper came very close to death when he was hospitalized for accidentally overdosing on methadone in 2007.

    As he told Rolling Stone for its Nov. 25 issue, Eminem never really spoke about what happened because he didn’t want to know. “I remember I got the methadone from somebody I’d gone to looking for Vicodin,” he said. “This person said, ‘These are just like Vicodin, and they’re easier on your liver’... I remember taking one in the car on the way home, ‘Oh this this is great.’ Just that rush. I went through them in a couple of days, then went back and got more. But I got a lot more.”

    Eminem, who is also known as Marshall Mathers, didn’t remember what happened in the time prior to the accidental overdose other than the day he was going to the bathroom and falling on the floor. The next thing he knew, he was in the hospital. “The doctors told me I’d done the equivalent of four bags of heroin. They said I was about two hours from dying.”

    He later said in the interview: “I knew I had to change my life. But addiction is a (expletive) tricky thing. I think I relapsed within…three weeks? And within in a month it ramped right back to where it was before. That’s what really freaked me out. That’s when I knew: I either get help, or I am going to die.”

    For his recovery process, Eminem sought help from a rehab counselor and started running—he even talked to Elton John. Asked by Rolling Stone if he felt tempted to use again, the rapper said: "Honestly no. For one thing I try not to be in a position where I could be tempted….I feel like this is the time where you stop doing that stuff. Time to grow up.”

    In other related news, Eminem was recently nominated for four People’s Choice Awards: “Favorite Male Artist,” “Favorite Song” and “Favorite Video” (both for “Love the Way You Lie”) and “Favorite Hip-Hop Artist.”

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