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Bono Admits He Dodged Hug From President Bush

Then-Sen. Obama congratulated singer on the duck-out



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    At some point during the prayer breakfast, then-Sen. Obama told U2 Frontman Bono: "Nice work with the hug dodge.'"

    U2 frontman Bono admitted he dodged a hug from President George W. Bush -- and was praised by then-Sen. Barack Obama for the skillful sidestep.

    In an interview on BBC's "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross," Bono said he sidestepped an embrace from President Bush during a photo op at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2006, according to Irish Central.

    "What I was doing there," Bono said, motioning to a photo showing the singer shaking hands with a grinning President Bush, "I was dodging the hug and trying to hide behind the podium."

    The event was attended by thousands -- including then-Sen. Barack Obama.

    "When I sat down, I was sitting besides Sen. Obama, soon to be President," Bono recalled, "and he just said, 'Nice work with the hug dodge.'"

    Bono, whose work as a human rights activist is as well documented as his music, cited political differences for his reluctance to embrace Bush. He did say the 43rd president "did a lot for our issues," including tripling aid to the developing world.