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Amy Poehler Talks Emmys, Enjoys a Drink on Leno



    Amy Poehler Talks Emmys, Enjoys a Drink on Leno
    Paul Drinkwater/NBC
    Amy Poehler enjoys a drink and a cigarette on "The Tonight Show."

    Amy Poehler dropped by “The Tonight Show” Wednesday, where the comedienne chatted about the Emmy Awards and enjoyed a drink – and a cigarette – courtesy of the late-night host.

    The “Parks and Recreation” actress kicked off the segment by taking about her recent Emmy nomination, and made light of never winning an award, despite her numerous nominations.

    “It’s a very fancy loser’s lounge,” Poehler joked. “There’s a lot of really great people in the loser’s lounge that I get to hang with every time.”

    Although the 41-year-old said she enjoyed attending the Emmy’s, she confessed the awards show would be more fun if she broke one rule.

    “You know, what I wish is that you could drink,” Poehler told Leno. “The Golden Globes, everyone’s a little loose and back in the day the Emmy speeches were kinda angry and weepy because everyone was a little drunk, and I wish everyone can bring that back.”

    But Poehler’s confessions didn’t stop there. She also revealed that she wished people could smoke on talk shows.

    “I don’t smoke, but I do think it looks cool,” Poheler quipped.

    Ever the accommodating host, Leno proceeded to present the actress with a martini and a cigarette. After taking a quick savor of each, the actress declared they tasted “awful.”

    “I liked it in theory but not in practice,” she said, stubbing out the cigarette.

    The visit came a week after Poehler announced her separation from fellow actor Will Arnett. In early September Poehler and her husband of nine years announced they were separating after nine years of marriage. The couple have two sons, 3-year-old Archie and 2-year-old Abel.

    Leno and Poehler wrapped up Wednesday's segment by showing a clip from the “Parks and Recreation” season premiere, which featured a guest appearance from former Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

    Check out the clip below to see Senator McCain show off his acting chops: