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And “The Biggest Loser” Winner is….

House drops to 219 lbs. from 400 lbs. and earns more than enough to pay his in-laws back



    Jillian Michaels Talks Post-"Biggest Loser" Plans

    Fitness trainer Jillian Michaels chats about why she has decided to make Season 11 of NBC's "The Biggest Loser" her last. What does she want to focus her time and energy on now? Is motherhood in her near future? (Published Tuesday, March 4, 2014)

    Patrick House was a 400-pound, pre-diabetic and unemployed sales rep seven months ago.

    Now the dad of two is 181 pounds slimmer, has scored a new job and is $250,000 richer after being crowned NBC's latest  "Biggest Loser.”

    “2010 has been a rough year,” House, 28, told host Alison Sweeney Tuesday before stepping on the scale for the last time. "Winning this for me gets back freedom."

    Unemployed since January, House bested runner-up Alfredo “Frado Dinten” with Ada “The Terminator” Wong coming in third place.

    House said his "Biggest Loser" experience has allowed him to envision seeing his young children grow up and get married.

    He also revealed Tuesday he’d “been given a great opportunity” to help counsel overweight teens.

    After being shown clips of his old self, House said it was "crazy to think I let myself get that out of control.” 

    “I’m never going back to that,” he said.

    The first half of the two-hour "Biggest Loser" finale featured contestants who’d been booted off the show and had been training on their own returning for one final weigh-in and a shot at $100,000.

    Mark Pinhasovich took the "at-home" prize, having shed over 47 percent of his starting weight.

    Pinhasovich credited the “Biggest Loser” franchise’s alumni network with motivating his success.

    The show also made several plugs for season 11, which airs in three weeks.

    The Biggest Loser” plans to introduce two new trainers for the season, which will be star Jillian Michaels' last with the franchise.