10 Places In CT To Test Out Your Olympic Skills

Here are 10 places in Connecticut where you can train like an Olympian and try these winter sports!

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Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall has the goal of developing passionate skiers through Alpine Racing. The Mohawk Mountain Alpine Race Team is an elite race program for children. The coaches help the young skiers to improve from season to season. This team helps build friendships and sportsmanship while improving the abilities to compete at the highest level.
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Here's a glimpse of snowmaking at Mohawk Mountain.
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Go cross-country skiing at Winding Trails Cross Country Ski Center in Farmington. It offers 350 acres of woodland, lakes, and wildlife which give a beautiful setting for cross-country skiing. This ski center offers an enjoyable experience for either beginners or experienced skiers. Winding Trails is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Take a break and relax throughout the day at the ski lodge that offers a warm fire and a snack bar.
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The Norfolk Curling Club is offering several Olympic events throughout February and March. On Feb. 17, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. they will be hosting an Olympic open house where visitors can tour the facility and ask questions about the sport. Curling instructions are given to participants and those who wish can go on the ice to try to sweep a stone. Admission is free and curling is $10 to participate. Other events include a five-week training series and a place to watch curling live on TV. Visit their website here for more information.
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The International Skating Center of Connecticut in Simsbury provides figure skating programs for those who want lessons, or for those who just want to get out on the ice and skate. Public skating is offered throughout the week and weekend. Interested in taking lessons? The International Skating Center of Connecticut offers a program that helps skaters off all levels; from those competing for the first time, to the Olympic level.
This photo from 2009 shows Denis Petukhov and his wife Melissa Gregory, who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympic games, giving back and helping young people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to skate.
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Show off your moves at Powder Ridge Mountain Park & Resort. They offer a freestyle ski team that introduces and improves the abilities of competitors in the Northeast. They provide coaching to teach the skills, including some you see in the Olympics.
A glimpse of skiers at Powder Ridge.
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Learn to play hockey at the Sports Center of Connecticut, which boasts the world's only double-decker NHL ice rink. Whether the person who wants to learn to play is a child or an adult, this rink offers lessons to those of any age. Learn more about the hockey program which will provide players of any age and any skill level with the techniques to create a successful and positive start to your hockey experience.
Woodbury Ski Area's ski park has many fun features, like a quarter pipe, to show off your skiing skills. It's one of the first ski areas to open and when temperatures drop, you know the place to go. Even if you've never skied before, Woodbury Ski Area provides several different types of lesson to learn a new trick. Learn about the equipment, improve your technique, and understand the basics. Before you know it, you'll be skiing like an Olympian.
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The Salisbury Winter Sports Association's goal is to familiarize those in Connecticut, especially kids, with ski-jumping. They provide instructions and teach the necessary skills needed for ski jumping. To keep this Olympic sport in Connecticut and the Eastern United States, SWSA holds the annual ski-jumping competition on Satre Hill for those to enjoy.
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Mount Southington has opportunities for snowboarding if you're just starting out, or an expert. If it is your first time, they provide lessons for kids or adults in a fun learning environment. Already a pro? Join one of their racing teams, like their new Mount Southington Freestyle Snowboard Team. Cruise down the trails and compete in freestyle competitions throughout Connecticut and Southern New England.
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Looking for an exciting and fast-paced sport? Veterans Memorial Ice Skating Rink in West Hartford offers speed skating lessons to teach you how to reach speeds as high as 30 mph on the ice. This sport has brought more than 70 Olympic medals to the U.S.A. so far. Instructional sessions focus on technique and strategies of racing. Race against those with similar skill levels to you and learn how to skate as fast as they Olympians do.
Veterans Memorial ice skating rink in West Hartford is one of several rinks that see more skaters because of interest in the Olympic sport.
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