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It's never been more important to empower girls with the courage and good judgement to lead others. But what qualities will serve them best? According to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, a one-of-a-kind program developed by the Girl Scouts, here are five ways Girl Scouts builds leaders.


…have a strong sense of self
Girls who understand and believe in themselves instill confidence in those around them. They embrace their limits as well as their abilities, and they have the courage and good judgement to say no when necessary.

…display positive values
Girls with a commitment to acting ethically, honestly and responsibly are secure in their own judgment. They can blend their own ideas with those of others, or respectfully decline a suggestion after listening to its pros and cons.

…seek challenges and learn from setbacks
When girls strive to be brave, not perfect, they develop resilience through making mistakes. By pushing outside their comfort zone and taking appropriate risk, they gain confidence in their own resourcefulness and become willing to step up and break the mold if that’s what it takes.

…build healthy relationships
Girls who are empowered to embrace their feelings can communicate directly, resolve conflicts constructively and accept help from others as readily as they offer support.

…identify and solve problems in their community
Self-assured girls know that leadership isn’t power over people but power with purpose. They seek out ways to improve the world around them and galvanize others to create sustainable change.

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