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New Site Lets UConn Students Post Crushes

The user can remain anonymous or be brave and post his or her name.



    New Site Lets UConn Students Post Crushes

    Got a crush on your chemistry partner? See a beautiful girl on the bus this morning?

    Thanks to the new UConn Crushes website, students can post their campus crushes anonymously.

    The website, which also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, allows use their names or remain anonymous.

    "South dining hall at 3 o'clock, you sat with three other girls.  You have the cutest beauty mark on your cheek and I always see you at the gym...Gorgeous," one person posted on Tuesday.

    The UConn site is part of a larger site called University Crush.  Other schools on the site include Southern Connecticut State University, the University of Pittsburgh, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and a site called New Haven Crushes.

    According to the website, it was started by two students at UConn. 

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