Lake Compounce Becomes Movie Set

Lake Compounce in Bristol was packed on Monday with stars and people hoping to catch a glimpse Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton and other stars of "And So It Goes."

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Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton are at Lake Compounce in Bristol today to film "And So It Goes," which is expected to come out next summer.
The movie is about a self-absorbed real estate agent, played by Douglas, who finds himself in charge of caring for the granddaughter he never knew he had, according to IMDB, and reaches out to his neighbor to help.
Rob Reiner is directing the film.
Large crowds showed up at Lake Compounce to see the filming, or for a chance to appear in the movie.
This is one of several scenes being filmed at the park today.
Michael Douglas gets in a cart as one scene ends. Next, they were off to the swings.
A movie crew works a shot at Lake Compounce.
Tents and equipment set up for a scene of "And So It Goes."
Douglas and Diane Keaton are starring in this film. Guests will be allowed to ride the attractions during filming and might be included as background in the movie.
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