Cinderella Brings Its Magic to The Bushnell

Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" runs at the Bushnell through Jan. 17.

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Carol Roseg
Carol Roseg
This story isn't just about how Cinderella wins the heart of a prince. We also see a lot more of her community and people who are struggling to make ends meet. Cinderella plays a bigger role in having a social impact to help people like her who are more impoverished. So, when they get invited to the prince's big event, it's about more than a commoner winning his heart to become his bride. It's also about a kingdom or government giving its people a voice.
Carol Roseg
And some of the answer is in this book, which is one of the only possessions Cinderella can call her own after it's given to her. It also symbolizes literature and the lasting resonance of words. And just wait until you see how she transitions before your eyes from rags....
Carol Roseg riches and elegance with the help of her fairy godmother, Marie. Oh, and the footman to her left? He used to be a fox! Her glass slippers sparkle and are also used as an accessory of humor.
Carol Roseg
She sets off for the ball in this golden carriage made from a pumpkin and these horses that used to be mice. This is just one of element of many intricately beautiful rolling set pieces.
Carol Roseg
As expected, Cinderella dances with the prince, but after she teaches the public about the importance of kindness over ridicule.
Carol Roseg
But, like we know in the classic fairy tale, she only has until midnight to dance with him looking like a princess.
Carol Roseg
Will she find true love and happily ever after or keep running out of time? You can see for yourself in the show, which runs at the Bushnell until Jan. 17.
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