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Did you miss the opportunity to register to win “Summer of Fun” tickets?  Not to worry, the Central Connecticut Honda Dealers have given you MORE chances to win! You can stop by a local Honda dealer to register for our Summer of Fun “2nd Chance Giveaway” AND register to win a Brand New Honda Fit!

For ten weeks, visit your local Central Connecticut Honda Dealership (schedule below) to register for the Summer of Fun 2nd Chance Giveaway, four Mohegan Sun concert tickets and for a chance to win a BRAND NEW Honda Fit.  Each Saturday, one person from each dealership will be chosen each week as a finalist to win the Honda Fit.  There will be ten finalists, one from each dealership, that will attend an event in August to try their hand at “turning the key” to see if they are the winner of the Honda Fit!

So go on…what are you waiting for?  Stop by today for YOUR CHANCE to win a Honda Fit and pick up tickets to the hottest shows in town!  Below is a list of participating Dealers with the week’s you can register to win!

Week #1
Date: 5/24/2013
Show: Sting
Honda Dealer: Westbrook Honda
Event Date: 6/22/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #2
Show: Bruno Mars
Honda Dealer: Brandfon Honda
Event Date: 6/27/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #3
Date: 6/10/2013
Show: Heart
Honda Dealer: Executive Honda
Event Date: 7/4/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #4
Date: 6/17/2013
Show: Eagles
Honda Dealer: Schaller Honda
Event Date: 7/18/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #5
Date: 6/24/2013
Show: Bare Naked Ladies
Honda Dealer: Manchester Honda
Event Date: 7/19/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #6
Date: 7/1/2013
Show: Big Time Rush
Honda Dealer: Lia Honda
Event Date: 7/20/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #7
Date: 7/8/2013
Show: Jonas Brothers
Honda Dealer: Liberty Honda
Event Date: 7/23/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #8
Date: 7/15/2013
Show: Robert Plant
Honda Dealer: Hoffman Honda
Event Date: 7/24/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #9
Date: 7/22/2013
Show: Matchbox 20
Honda Dealer: Torrington Honda
Event Date: 8/13/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

Week #10
Date: 7/29/2013
Show: Keith Urban
Honda Dealer: Honda of Watertown
Event Date: 11/15/2013
Location: Mohegan Sun

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