Cup or Cone? The Best Ice Cream in Connecticut

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Ferris Acres Creamery
Ferris Acres Creamery in Newtown is an ice cream shop in the heart of a picturesque farm. All of their delicious, premium ice cream is made daily in the shop by members of the Ferris Family.
Ferris Acres Creamery
Ferris Acres has been recognized by Thrillist as one of the best ice cream shops in America! Watch the cows grazing nearby while you enjoy your choice of over 50 flavors, available every day. Visit them at 144 Sugar St. in Newtown.
Scoopy Doo's
Scoopy Doo's has been serving the Milford community for 17 seasons. Some of their delicious offerings include (pictured from left to right) Mud: a coffee ice cream with a fudge swirl, crushed Oreos and chocolate covered almonds; Quicksand: vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl and butterfingers; Swamp: vanilla malt ice cream, crushed Oreos ,caramel swirl, chips of chocolate, malted milk balls and m&ms; Doo Drops: black raspberry ice cream, fudge swirl and chips of chocolate.
Scoopy Doo's Ice Cream
What's even better? Scoopy Doo's is pet-friendly - pictured here is sugar-free vanilla ice cream topped with a mini dog treat. There is even a dog trough right at the ice cream window so your pup can quench his thirst!
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Grassroots Ice Cream in Granby is a small artisan ice cream shop with a ferociously loyal following. They experiment with flavors, switching them out as they empty each box so there's always something new to try.
They carry everything from basic flavors like vanilla and coffee to experimental concoctions like pear lavender sorbet. Pop in to their shop if you like surprises, or call ahead to see if your favorite is in stock!
Aby Mace/UConn
The UConn Dairy Bar opened in the early 1950s to sell original-recipe ice cream made since the early 1900s by the UConn Creamery using milk from the university’s own dairy cows (see them on Horsebarn Hill, right by the Dairy Bar!). More than 200,000 alums, students, and UConn fans come from near and far each year to enjoy more than 24 flavors of the world-famous ice cream, including special seasonal flavors.
Sean Flynn/UConn
Check out the Senior Scoop, a tradition started with the Class of 2012 where the graduating seniors submit ideas for a new flavor that is chosen by a panel of judges to be made throughout the following year. The Dairy Bar has been named among the Best Ice Cream Shops in Connecticut by NBC Connecticut viewers and multiple publications including Connecticut Magazine and Best in New England by Yankee Magazine. Dairy Bar ice cream is also available at The Dairy Bar Too in UConn’s Student Union, on the UConn Dairy Bar ice cream truck, and at Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ in Hartford.
Popey's Ice Cream Shoppe
Popey's Ice Cream Shoppe in Morris has been a go-to since the early 70's. They offer over 25 flavors of Gifford's award-winning ice cream including flavors like Maine Black Bear- a satisfying combo of sweet black raspberry swirled through vanilla ice cream with chocolate mini-melts and Campfire S'mores- chips of chocolate crunch, and then melt in your mouth when you bite into this Graham ice cream oozing with marshmallow ripple.
Popey's Ice Cream Shoppe
Other favorites include strawberry cheesecake, southern peach and a Gifford's World Dairy Expo winning chocolate. They also offer milkshakes made with any their ice cream flavors, "flurries" of soft serve ice cream with candy mix-ins, frozen yogurt, sundaes - and a full grill menu if you need to grab a meal before dessert. Above, staff member Owen Hofmann poses with two cones.
Fish Family Farm Creamery
Fish Family Farm Creamery & Dairy in Bolton is a small local dairy farm where they process and bottle their own milk and make delicious ice cream from their jersey cows. The most popular flavors are vanilla, blueberry, black raspberry and coffee Oreo, but they offer a wide range (check out the Almond Joy flavor above).
Fish Family Farm Creamery
"What makes our ice cream so special is the jersey milk, which is higher in butterfat content and higher in protein which produces a thicker, creamier ice cream," said Sandy Fish. Not an ice cream fan? They're also known for their farm-fresh chocolate milk and eggnog.
Main Street Creamery & Cafe
Main Street Creamery & Cafe in Wethersfield serves locally made hard-serve ice cream free of artificial flavors. They offer a range of flavors including sugar/fat free options, lactose free options, and vegan options.
Main Street Creamery & Cafe
The McMullin family enjoyed Watermelon Sorbet, Espresso Ripple Bean, Mint Oreo, and classic Oreo during their visit to Main Street Creamery and Cafe.
Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream
Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream in Mystic offers everything from sundaes to floats to brownies to ice cream sandwiches and even a healthy avocado ice cream option! Their ice cream is made using a product that mimics a hand crank, creating rich ice cream not whipped full of air.
Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream
"We have so many flavors that we make and we take pride in making ours the old-fashioned way using a local dairy for our cream and incorporating all fresh and natural ingredients," said owner Cheryl Robdau.
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Mozzicato DePasquale Bakery and Pastry Shop in Hartford doesn't technically sell ice cream - but the caffe serves up delicious gelato and granita.
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Bring in the family and grab a cappuccino or a delicious pastry while you're there for a wonderful Italian experience.
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Shady Glen is an iconic Manchester diner and ice cream shop that transports you back to the 1950s. Grab a sundae, a cone, or take home a half gallon to enjoy later. A little tip? Go for a whole meal and order a Shady Glen cheeseburger – they’re famous for them!
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WeLiKit Farm in Pomfret has been making their own farmstead fresh ice cream for over 25 years! Stop by for a cone, sundae, frappe, float or banana split then check out the scenes at the farm, or shop their other farm-fresh products like maple syrup, beef and produce. Pictured above is their Memorial Day Red White and Blue flavor.
Robb's Farm
Robb's Farm in South Glastonbury has been making their own homemade ice cream weekly on sight since 2005. Stop by for a cone and to check out the operation - Robb's is a working livestock farms complete with goats, chickens, donkeys pigs, horses, llames, sheep and even an emu!
Robb's Farm
They offer 35 homemade flavors with some unique names like Dirty Barn Shoes, Goat Tracks, Purple Calf and Llama Delight.
Arethusa Farm Dairy
Arethusa Farm Dairy in Litchfield County is a working dairy farm that prides itself on going beyond premium ice cream, offering what it calls "Super Premium."
Arethusa Farm Dairy
"Made with our fresh milk and cream we carefully hand craft unique custom mixes for each flavor, creating the perfect taste with 16% butterfat, 'ice cream like it used to taste,'" said Erin Hubbard of Arethusa Farm.
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Buttonwood Farm in Griswold offers over 50 flavors, ranging from your traditional chocolate and vanilla to limited edition flavors like lemongrass coconut and whoopie pie.
Montem Media
"Our premium ice cream is made in small batches on our farm, providing a uniquely rich, smooth, and clean flavor. Our more than fifty flavors, both traditional and unique, reflect the inspiration from our farm, ingredients, and our customers," said Arvin Button of Buttoonwood Farm.
Praline's Own Made Ice Cream
Praline's Own Made Ice Cream has multiple locations after 25 years in the business. The ice cream is made in Wallingford but you can hit any of their stores across the state.
Praline's Own Made Ice Cream
"Our name says it all! Praline's Ice Cream Own Made, is the closest anyone will ever get to homemade ice cream. We don't cut corners, every ice cream box, like our signature flavor Beez Neez, is hand mixed so that every scoop is always delicious. The second and third ingredients are heart and fun. Every member of the Praline's Ice Cream family, starting from our kitchen crew puts their heart into our product and we have a blast doing it! So, come try one of our 86 flavors that range from kid's favorite Cotton Candy to something for mom and dad like our Rum Raisin!" said Donna Torre, Praline's president.
AC Petersen Farm
A.C. Petersen Farms , with locations in West Hartford and Old Lyme, is a favorite for families and has been operating for 100 years. They offer over 40 flavors - go for a traditional cone or grab a hot fudge sundae made with handmade whipped cream and their signature signature gourmet ACP Hot Fudge.
AC Petersen Farm
Not a sundae person? Try out a milkshake made with any of the ice cream flavors on an old-fashioned Spindle Milkshake machine - they've been voted Best in the State!
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